Monday, January 18, 2010

So this one time on the bus . . .

Actually, we're not that immature. We're in college.

This one might be quick since the power cut out the last time I wrote it and I'm kinda pissed.
Ecuador runs a lot on hydroelectric power and they haven't gotten enough rain recently. So, we have scheduled power outages - 11 am on MWF *or LMV for you hispanohablantes* and 230 on TTh *MJ*
And then there are all the times that aren't scheduled. 
ANyway, back to the bus .  . .
Friday we piled on a 12 person school bus  *two seats for every person* at 8 AM and headed West to Papallacta *paw-pie-yock-ta*, one of South America's numerous, still active volcanoes with a cool name. We passed through Cumbaya *yep, keep laughing, it's pronounced just like the African campfire song*, the little town where USFQ is located, and were surprised to find that it was our first stop.  The river we pass by every day is essentially the sewer system for Quito, a poorly-planned quick fix solution to rapid expansion and limited government funds. Apparently there was a detergent spill in the same river a few years back, so that might have cleaned things up a bit . . .  Anyway, nothing lives there, so we climbed back on the bus and headed north and up . . .

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